• MidoriSolo1.jpg

    Designed for novice-intermediate end users seeking the value and performance of an aluminum tent

  • NorthernBreezeA.jpg

    "Without doubt, ease of setup and the quality of this tent has surprised us and we would recommend the investment" S.Lehoux

  • VCS.jpg

    The 16' VCS backpacker provides a 6 foot peak height and 8'6"x8'6" floor coverage.

  • mimimo.jpg

    UNMATCHED simmer control, metal handles

  • SynthesisBags.jpg

    The performance, shape and shingle-style construction offer maximum warmth

  • jetboil_adaptor.jpg

    The Jetboil Cooking System comes with adaptors, utensils, and even a coffee press

  • TaronCanyon.jpg

    A roomy tent loaded with practical features 

NEW Tagalong Chair

The new Taglong lightweight chair packs to the size of a small loaf of rye bread and can easily go on any canoe trip.

QuickSet Cot

The QuickSet Cot provides a virtually Instant Bed. The convenient pack size and weight make this the perfect sleeping solution for camping, cottages, or at home.

Jetboil Accessories

The new accessories have compatibility and flexibility, for use with whichever Jetboil system you happen to have.

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