Stormshield Blue Barrel

We loved our yellow barrels but too much cost was being spent on inbound shipping to justify their existence. For 2009 we are working with a Canadian recycler and are offering a Blue Barrel program that reuses barrels which is the best environmental step we can take.

  • Barrels were originally used to ship food ingredients that were first packed in sealed plastic sleeves and then into the barrels
  • all barrels we use have been inspected with any soiled or damaged barrels being rejected.
  • All barrels have been thoroughly washed.
  • Some barrels may have marking pen stains and or scuff marks from shipping.
  • Barrels come complete with adjustable hoist handles and lockable collars
  • 30L; 4lb 7oz/2kg; 20.5"x11.8"/52x30cm
  • 60L; 5lb 14oz/2.7kg; 22.8"x15.8"/58x40cm
  • MSRP : $39-$49

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